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Business Opportunity. Own A Granite Recycling Centre!

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Actual a business license. You own it, no royalties, no franchise fees ever! Turnkey business. Be up and operating in 30 days!
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Wayne Gretzky, Canadian hockey legend, was a success on the rink because of his mindset: skate to where the puck will be, not chasing it around the rink. The same is true for the successful entrepreneurs of the future. If you’re seeking the ideal business venture, with an unlimited future, more profits, low cost consider opening, owning and starting your very own Granite Recycling Center in Canada!

Excerpted from Screw Business as Usual by Richard Branson by arrangement with Portfolio Penguin, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc., Copyright © 2011 by Richard Branson. As the iconoclastic founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson pioneered a new entrepreneurial model. In “Screw Business as Usual,” Branson addresses the long overdue shift in how business is done and how success — both corporate and individual — is being redefined. Here’s a few excerpts:

This new business model is for the new wave of emerging entrepreneurs as well as for existing business people who are transforming their organizations, at the same time as trying to develop a business and to make a living, trying to do more to help people and to help the planet.

Business as usual isn’t working. In fact, it’s ‘business as usual’ that’s wrecking our planet. Resources are being used up; the air, the sea, the land – are all heavily polluted.

“If companies become a force for good, the people working for them will be that much more motivated and their brands will shine that much brighter amongst others.”

“We need,” he believes, “a new mindset to make capitalism an acceptable force in the world. If businesses are purely about profit and amassing bonuses, screwing people and the world in the process, then they will not be around for long, and don’t deserve to be. But if they start to be a force for good, I genuinely think we could get on top of most of the problems of the world. And people will have a lot of fun. It is just such a satisfying way of doing things.”

The perfect business for today, tomorrow and the future. Start your own Granite Recycling Center now. Get in at the beginning of the new, worldwide business model of the future.

Saving Money. Making money. Creating jobs and making our environment sustainable.
Recycling granite makes business sense.

Environmental business responsibility is:
- Good for business
- A better business model
- A better case for bigger profits

The business case for recycling and sustainability:
- Costs are down
- Higher profits
- Products are best ever because they have been inspired by design for sustainability
- Workforce team is galvanized around a purpose
- Goodwill. No marketing or advertising campaign could ever create as much goodwill Granite Recycling Center info:

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